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Quality experts emphasize that quality is an attribute of the production system - reliable output of high quality products depends on the quality of the standard practices used.  Poor methods create unreliable results - one product fabulous, the next one problematic.

A recent study shows that students' placement in national programming competitions showed marked improvement when they were trained to use solid systematic development approaches rather than simply starting their programming work immediately.  In these competitions, students are provided with very limited time to complete their programming, so the findings confirm benefits of formal methods even for projects of short duration.

Our efforts always make a mindful use of (or a mindful decision not to use) the approaches typically recommended as part of a good software development system - whether the software itself is the product or whether a statistical analysis, etc. is the product. In our experience this provides noteworthy benefit, even on relatively small projects where many workers may be tempted to skip these formalities.

Our methods vary slightly from one type of project to another: