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eBasePro Conversion to FileMaker V9

The goal of this project was to convert the FileMaker Pro V6 ebasePro V2.2 application to full functionality in FileMaker Pro V9/10

In addition to simple conversion to FileMaker Pro V9, the application was restructured from a solution with 20+ single-table files to a much reduced number of files employing FileMaker Pro V9 capacities for defining multiple tables within a single database file:

Main interface file
Contains all layouts and scripts typically employed by users
Main data file
Contains all data shared between users
License key file
Used to hold confidential registration information for proprietary plug-ins
Updater file
Used to provide functions used only during initial installation/update of an older version of the database with a new copy

Additional tasks:

Development work included use of the following tools:

MetaDataMagic (New Millenium)
Used to produce metadata reports useful in reviewing details of FileMaker Pro V6 databases, in eliminating duplicate file references, etc
BaseElements (Goya Software)
Used to produce metadata reports useful in troubleshooting software problems in FileMaker Pro V9 databases
FMRobot (New Millenium)
Used to assist in movement of database objects between FileMaker V9 databases
Password Administrator (New Millenium)
Used to assist in standardization of passwords in FileMaker Pro V6 databases
FileMaker key (Passware Systems)
For retrieving passwords from FileMaker V6 databases

Approximately 600 hours were expended on this project