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Film Schedule Database


This FileMaker Pro application provides the film schedule of the 2010 Portland International Film Festival (PIFF), together with functions designed to facilitate selection of an appropriate schedule of film attendance.

The database pprovides daily film schedules with date of showing, starting time and ending time. Films the user indicates as already seen are clearly indicated on the schedule, and the provision of a calculated expected ending time for each showing makes it easy to decide if a later film begins too soon for both films to be viewed. (The PIFF brochure provides film duration in minutes rather than starting and ending times).

The database also provides the ability to track the advance interest level of up to 4 persons and display this information with the film schedule to make it easy to identify films of mutual interest

The versions of the database provided in this download have the film schedule of the 2010 PIFF pre-loaded. However, the data contents of the database can be deleted and replaced with schedules for other film festivals


The user places the archive file in an appropriate folder and unloads it.

The user must enter information detailing:


Windows operating system.

7-Zip, WinZip, PKZIP or similar software to unload the provided ZIP file. Some recent versions of the Windows operating system provide inherent capacities for unloading archive files.

Versions available for download

film_schedule_db.zip (45 Kb zip file, 11Feb2010 revision). Designed for use by those with installed copies of FileMaker Pro V9 or later.

film_schedule_db_runtime.zip (??? Kb zip file, 11Feb2010 revision). Provides a runtime copy of FileMaker Pro designed to be used only with this application. For use by those without an installed copy of FileMaker Pro.

Planned Development

The following ideas for continued development are under consideration: