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Import Map Storage


This download provides a FileMaker Pro V9 database that demonstrates a mechanism for allowing a database to perform data imports from external data sources such as spreadsheet files.

This mechanism allows the creation, storage and recall of import field order as data within tables in the database. As a result, database users can create and use an arbitrary number of import field orders without being required to edit a script.

The database can also store/recall values of global fields that might be used to influence details of an import operation


Two versions of the database are provided:

Four data source files are also provided for use in demonstrating the functions provided by the database.


The user places the archive file in an appropriate folder and unloads it.


Windows operating system. 

This database was designed with FileMaker Pro V9. It seems possible that it might also function correctly with V7 or V8, but it has not been formally tested with those versions of FileMaker

7-Zip, WinZip, PKZIP or similar software to unload the provided ZIP file

Versions available for download

imp_map_storage.zip (464 Kb zip file, 04Mar2009 revision)

Planned Development