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Server Functions Database


Facilitates operation of Ebase V1.0x in "multi-user" mode by providing scripts which automate database startup, database shutdown, fast find field updates, and backups.


Windows operating system. (Should work on Mac OS, except for backup functions.) 

FileMaker Pro V4 or 5

WinZip command-line add in and installed copy of Perl (for use of backup functions, freely available to registered WinZip users as of 8/1/2002)

WinZip, PKZIP or similar archiving software, for unloading the downloaded archive file. 


Unload the archive file

Move files for appropriate version of product to directory (i.e. "folder") used to store Ebase database files.

If the included backup functions are to be used, edit the "zip_backup.pl" file appropriately. 


Ebase V1.0.0 / FileMaker V3 (works with FileMaker V4 also)

Ebase V1.0.2 / FileMaker V5 (24Jul2002 revision)

Ebase V1.0.3 / FileMaker V5 (24Jul2002 revision)

Download file (all versions included in one 44Kb download)

Planned Development

The included "zip_backup.pl" program may be updated to: