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SalesForce S-Control Updates


Provides updated versions of S-Controls from SalesForce summer 2008 non-profit templated. Updated from use of Ajax Beta Toolkit to production versions of Ajax Toolkit.

Mozilla FireFox V3+ sometimes will not run S-Controls that use the Beta Toolkit. This download provides versions updated to run correctly in these versions of FireFox. This does not contain all the affected S-Controls, but does contain the ones that we have updated.


The user places the archive file in an appropriate folder and unloads it.

The user must then replace JavaScript in the appropriate S-Controls with the provided JavaScript code.

The user may still need to troubleshoot minor differences, since each instance of SalesForce may exhibit minor difference from the instance used to develop these updates. But the provided code should provide a considerable assist.


WinZip, 7-Zip, Stuffit or similar software to unload the provided ZIP file

Versions available for download

sf_scontrol_updates.zip (15 Kb zip file, 19Dec2008 revision)

Planned Development

Updates of additional SalesForce S-Controls will be provided as thosee are developed.