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TACS United Way Database


Microsoft Access application designed for use by small non-profits in tracking contact information of constituents, outreach activities, donations, pledges, personal relationships, etc. Closely patterned after the Select Control Database V3 developed and distributed by Bednar Consulting.

This customization of the Select Control Database V3 was funded by Technical Assistance for Community Services (TACS), Portland, Oregon, and was intended for distribution to small non-profits involved in a grant funded by the United Way. This database provides functionality very similar to that provided by the Select Control Database V3, but with some changes in interface and select reports used by recipient groups to share financial information with TACS.


The user places the archive file in an appropriate folder and unloads it.

The user must perform some additional setup as indicated in the readme file provided in the download


Windows operating system.

Installed version of Microsoft Access 2000 or later.

WinZip, PKZIP or similar software to unload the provided ZIP file

Versions available for download

tacs_uwdb.zip (4.5 Mb zip file, 05Jun2008 revision)

The 05Jun2008 release contains automated linking between client and server databases. Some bugs related to forms used for editing donations are also resolved

The 11Jul2007 release includes additional reports and report improvements. Revised reports include those used to export data used for bulk email and bulk surface mail, reports used to print mailing labels.

NOTE: The 20Aug2007 release includes improvements to record deletion functions provided to users on data entry forms.

Planned Development

No further development planned by Bednar Consulting