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Data Model

The basic data model employed by the database is designed to avoid the most vexing, commonly encountered data storage deficiencies.

Key Data Subjects

Version 1

ITF Format

Internal database structures are designed to store information to support the International Data Transfer version2 (ITF2)standards used by many botanic gardens and arboretums. In particular, plant taxon names are constructed to coordinate with ITF2.

Automation to fully support transfer to/from external files using ITF format will be developed in the near future.

Experiences in Use

In actual use, we have found the data model to be quite comprehensive. Client requests for new data storage or reporting capacities almost never require data model changes. Typically, the most difficult work required in response is the construction of appropriate SQL statements for withdrawing data from already-existing data structures.

Entity-relationship Diagrams

Version 1 Entity-Relationship Diagrams

This implementation provides an abridged version of the full data model, as applied during implementation for the first client - a nonprofit land trust.

Main Model
Entities and relationships without attributes represented (PNG file, 67Kb)