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Record Selection Tools

The database provides relatively advanced abilities for users to identify records to be viewed, edited, or included in reports.

Record Selection Forms

The database providse a record selection form corresponding to each major information area managed by the database. Each of these forms allows the user to specify record selection critiera to identify records of interest.

The user then is offered an opportunity to review a summary display of the records matching their specificiations. The user may then choose to:

Reports include a description of the selection criteria for represented records

Reports designed for printing of mailing labels, generation of data to be sent to a mailing service, etc offer the user the ability to simultaneously create a set of outreach records to represent this communication

The underlying tools used to provide selection tools is constructed to provide great flexibility. It is possible for a developer to provide users the ability to select records based on nearly any data available in the database

Storing and Retrieval of Selection Criteria

The database provides capacity for users to store and retrieve record selection criteria entered on a record selection form.

Selection criteria are stored in the server portion of the database. As a result, criteria stored by one user may be readily used by others.

Users may readily search for stored selection criteria using:

Database administrators and developers may readily alter stored selection criteria as needed