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SelCtlDB V1


Provides version 1 of the Select Control Database together with very basic documentation.


The download file contains the following items:

The downloaded server database is loaded with a demonstration data set that illustrates many information tracking features of the application.

NOTE: To generate the report examples, reports were exported to RTF format. The RTF files were then converted to PDF files. RTF exports do correctly represent the data contents of reports. However, the RTF export does not preserve horizontal rules placed on the report. As a result, the current set of PDF representations are not a competely accurate representation of visual appearance. We are searching for a way to generate more faithful PDF representations of reports. In the meantime, the current representations are at least useful in conveying data contents.


WinZip or similar archiving software to extract components of downloaded zip file

Microsoft Access 2000 or higher with linked table manager installed


  1. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file in an appropriate folder/directory.
  2. Correct the link between client and server database using the MS-Access linked table manager
    1. start selctldb_v1_client database
    2. ignore error windows displayed by Access - these result from location specified for server database being incorrect from the new database location - these are expected on first start-up
      1. Microsoft Visual Basic window will display Could not find file... error. Click End button
      2. Action Failed window will indicate that AutoExec macro failed. Click halt button
    3. use the window/unhide command to display the selctldb_v1_client window
    4. select the tools/database utilities/linked table manager command
    5. using the linked table manager relink all tables to the selctldb_v1_server database in it's current location
  3. Close the client database
  4. Reopen the client database to verify correct operation
  5. Confirm that VisualBasic is set to make use of both DAO and ADO object libraries. See readme file included with download for directions

NOTE:These steps are also outlined in the read_me file provided with the download.

Versions (3.7Mb ZIP file, 14Jun2006 revision)

Planned Development

Addition of capacity to indicate manually selected records from a set of selected records as the only records to be included in a report.