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SelCtlDB V3


Provides version 3 of the Select Control Database together with very basic documentation.


The installer contains the following items:

The database includes a demonstration data set.


Microsoft Windows operating system

Microsoft Access 2000 or higher installed on each client computer

At least one computer with Microsoft Access 2000 or higher with the MS-Access linked table manager installed

Computers used to access data must have Microsoft ActiveX Objects 2.8 Library (or later version) installed


For a typically single-user installation, use the installer option for client with local server

The installer should place an appropriately constructed shortcut for starting the database on the computer desktop

The database is started using the provided Windows shortcut


selctldb_v3_installer.exe (8192 Kb EXE file, 27Apr2009 revision)

Revision History

December 2007 revisions include:

January 2008 revisions include:

February 2008 revisions include:

Planned Development