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SelCtlDB V4


Provides version 4 of the Select Control Database together with basic documentation.


The installer contains the following items:

The database includes a demonstration data set.


Microsoft Windows operating system

Microsoft Access 2000 or higher installed on each client computer

At least one computer with Microsoft Access 2000 or higher with the MS-Access linked table manager installed

Computers used to access data must have Microsoft ActiveX Objects 2.8 Library (or later version) installed

Computers used to access data must have a VisualBasic reference to Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.8 for DDL and Security set


For a typically single-user installation, use the installer option for client with local server

The installer should place an appropriately constructed shortcut for starting the database on the computer desktop. The database should be started using the provided Windows shortcut, which specifies the location of the MS Workgroup database used to specify security settings

2007 versions of MS-Access will disable useful startup automation as a claimed security measure. The user can typically choose to allow this automation to run at the beginning of each user session. Alternatively, this disabling action can be stopped permanently by adding the client folder created by the installation process to the list of trusted locations listed in the MS-Access options dialogs

The database will require the user to provide an account name for login at startup. See the readme file located in the selctldb_v4\docmtn\setup folder for explanation of security and account settings in effect when the database is first installed.


selctldb_v4_installer.exe (7935 Kb EXE file, 16Mar2010 revision)

Revision History

The current version is the first release. No major revisions have been undertaken yet. Several minor revisions have addressed minor bugs.

Recent improvements include:

Planned Development