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Ebase V2 Data Import Spreadsheet


Provides a Microsoftw Excel workbook designed to hold data being imported into ebase V2.xx using the ebase "external data import" tools.

This Microsoft Excel workbook is designed to facilitate import of data into ebase V2.xx using ebase's "external data import" functions.

The workbook includes 3 worksheets:

  1. Instructions - contains a brief set of instructions for how to use the spreadsheet, a list of fields from the ebase ImportExternal datbases with description of each field"s information content, and descriptions of a couple important lists of values that ebase may accept in some key import fields.
  2. Data for import - A worksheet set up with names of all ebase ImportExternal fields used as targets for data import entered in the first row. This can be VERY reaily modified for use during your data import
  3. Log Field Import Map - A copy of the spreadsheet provided previously on the ebase web site to facilitate documentation of field mapping during log record imports


Microsoft Excel or compatible software to open Excel workbook.

WinZip or similar archiving software for unloading the provided zip file.


Unload the downloaded zip file and start the workbook in your spreadsheet software.


ebase2_data_import_spreadsheet.zip (13Kb zip file, 26Oct2005 revision)

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