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7-Zip - open source archiving software

American Society for Quality - Promoting methods to advance product quality

American Society for Quality - Software Division - Promoting methods to advance software quality

American Statistical Association - Promoting statistics and the statistics profession

ASQ: Information: Baldridge Award - The most widely applied quality standard in the United States

ASQ Quality Press Bookstore - Good source for materials related to quality management

Deming Institute - Institute fostering understanding of the management principles of W.Edwards Deming

Ebase - Freely distributed contact database application for non-profits

Emacs page on Gnu project web site - Emacs is a freely distributed programmer’s editor

Free Software Directory - Directory of freely distributed software on the Gnu project web site

Gnu Project - Promotes the development and distribution of "free" software

IEEE Computer Society - Good source for information and materials related to software development

Info-ZIP Home Page - Freely distributed archiving software

Metrix Database - Freely distributed database software for non-profits

Organizer’s Database - an open source database designed for use by nonprofits in tracking constituents, members, etc

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference - Annual fall conference

Perl.com: The Source for Perl... - References to materials about the Perl programming language

R Project for Statistical Computing - R is a high level open source programming language designed for interactive data analysis with emphasis on graphical displays of data.

RCS page on Gnu project web site - Freely distributed and widely used version control software

The Pacific Northwest SAS User's Group - Promotes sharing of information on use of SAS software

useit.com: Jakob Nielson’s Website - One of the more prominent experts on web page design

W3C CSS Validation Service - The World Wide Web Consortium’s on-line validator for Cascading Style Sheets

W3C Markup Validation Service - The World Wide Web Consortium’s on-line validator for HTML and XHTML

WinZip Home Page - Widely used commercial archiving software