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Ebase Data Transfer Tool


Facilitates migration of data from a damaged or corrupted set of Ebase V1.0.x databases to a fresh set of database files.


Windows operating system used for development/testing. The product has also been successfully used on Mac OS 9.1.

FileMaker Pro V6, V5 or V4 (depending on which version of the tool is downloaded)

WinZip, PKZIP or similar software to unload the provided ZIP file

The download archive does not contain the runtime version of FileMaker provided with Ebase, the dll files, etc. Only the FileMaker database files used in Ebase are included. As of 13May2009, The FileMaker V7/ebase V1.04 version does NOT include ebase files - the ebase distribution of V1.04 already supports EDTT and a fresh set of ebase files from the standard distribution will work correctly when placed in the "edtt_nw" directory.

Recent Changes

22Apr2005 revisions automatically apply passwords when attempting to open ebase files. This can save a great deal of password prompting/typing on the part of the user.

29May2005 and 24Jun2005 revisions correct an apparent error in comparing objects in old and new NAMES databases during V1.03 to V.103 and V1.02 to V1.02 comparisons. Error appears to result because both the old and new dbs being compared have exactly the same name. Versions of the tool comparing V1.00 or V.102 files with V1.03 files or V1.00 with V1.02 files therefore seem unaffected by the error, and were not revised.

26Jun2005 revisions add ability to identify unmatched value list values in the old and new databases.

04May2007 revisions correct minor errors in payment data transfer


Place the downloaded archive file into the parent of the folder holding the Ebase files

Unpack the archive file

Review the user_instructions.pdf document

Open the edtt_104.fp7 file (ebase V1.04/FileMaker V7) or edtt_data_trasfer_scripts.fp5 file (ebase V1.03/FileMaker V5/6) database file located in the edtt_new folder


Ebase V1.04 / FileMaker V7 (828 Kb zip file, 13May2009 revision)

(transfers V1.0x into fresh V1.04 files in FileMaker V7 format)

Ebase V1.03 / FileMaker V5 (1.4 Mb zip file, 04May2007 revision)

(transfers V1.0x into fresh V1.03 files in FileMaker V5 format)

Ebase V1.02 / FileMaker V5 (1.1 Mb zip file, 26Jun2005 revision)

(transfers V1.0x into fresh V1.02 files in FileMaker V5 format)

Ebase V1.02/FileMaker V4 (1.0 Mb zip file, 04Feb2003 revision)

(transfers V1.00 and V1.02 files in FileMaker V4 format into fresh V1.02 files in FileMaker V4 format)

Planned Development

Add scripting steps to automatically set serial number "start" values when versions of FileMaker providing that capacity (FM V6 and V5.5?) are used.

Addition of functions to transfer previously imported voter enhancement data.

(FM5 version)

Improvements for robust operation of scripts importing from V1.0.2/V1.0.0.

Addition of functions to import enhanced voter info (now completed)

Addition of checks for custom value lists and relationships (now completed)

(FM4 version, Low priority)

Addition of reports which list list fields, layouts, and scripts present in source databases, but not in target database.

Addition of ability to import from V1.0.0