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Ebase V2 Log Field Descriptions


Provides a basic "data dictionary" highlighting the different uses of Log database fields in different layouts of Ebase V2.03.


FileMaker V5 or later required to use FileMaker database file. 

WinZip or compatible archiving/compression software for unloading downloaded archive file. 


Extract the FileMaker database from the provided WinZip archive file. . 


log_field_descs.zip (11 Kb zip file, 13Feb2003 revision)

Planned Development

Addition of additional fields to cover ALL fields used on each Ebase V2.0.3 Log layout.  The current version is not exhaustive, but focuses on those fields that have varied uses in different layouts, as a way of assisting in understanding how field might be used in a customization effort without interfering with other uses already incorporated into Ebase.