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Barker, Richard. CASE*Method Entity Relationship Modelling. 1990. Addison-Wesley. Approx. 300pp. 

The modelling conventions and approaches outlined in this book are almost exactly those implemented in the Oracle CASE tools supporting software development.  The approaches used differ from those used in other products and conventions, but are very similar to those used in most CASE data modelling tools I have examined.  In those cases where the diagramming conventions differ, the underlying concepts are similar enough to allow the user to readily adapt to alternative systems.  In addition, the methods used here are the same ones used in several other useful books, so familiarity with them can serve the reader well.  

The text is readable, the concepts clearly explained and the examples fairly good - although oriented more towards the "big-business" application areas common with Oracle implementations that with the application areas common in the many database implemented for other types of organizations.