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Data Requirements

A program frequently turns out ill-formed because it's data representation is inappropriate for the job at hand.

It is easy to overlook a poor choice of data representation by getting involved in fixing up the intricate code that usually accompanies it.

Choosing a better data structure is often an art, which we cannot teach.

        - Kerhinghan and Plauger, Elements of Progamming Style, 1974

Sound data structures create a framework for clear, elegant, easy-to-maintain solutions.  As the above quotes illustrate, this has been recognized for over 30 years. 

Our experience and knowledge in data administration provide the basis for well-formed applications which solve your problems while maintaining flexibility and ease of maintenance over the long run.

Our approach places data structure and clarity at center stage, where it has the greatest positive impact on system design, long-term maintenance costs, and programming logic. The development process will typically emphasizes the use of data modeling diagrams, data flow diagrams, outline of variable domains, relational integrity rules, and other techniques that focus on data features required by the client. 

While the long-term benefits of this approach may be relatively obvious, our projects typically reveal benefits even on short-term projects.