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Salesforce NPSP V3 Upgrade - Package Evaluation

As of 3/12/2015, only a portion of the evaluations already completed are represented here. More evaluations will be added shortly, and new evaluations will be added as additional packages are encountered during NPSP V3 upgrades/conversions.

NSPP V2 Packages

NPSP V3 upgrade sometimes requires identification of any custom automation that might interfere with operation of the SF Account Model Conversion utility. Comparison to packages provided as a normal part of a NPSP V2 installation may be needed.

A complete catalog of package components from a NPSP V2 installation is provided here

Non-NPSP Packages

Activities Tab Plus 1.4
Published by We Build Cool Stuff.
Adoption Dashboards 3.2
Published by Test Drive for: Adoption Dashboards 3.1.
Auctions for Salesforce 4.5
Published by DHJ Consulting.
Campaign Combiner 2.5.1
Published by Groundwire
Published by CCR Data Ltd
CFG Salesforce 101 1.0
Published by Salesforce 101
Click and Pledge PaymentAsAService 8.3052
Published by Click and Pledge.
Click and Pledge PaymentAsAService Class Library 2.1003
Published by Click and Pledge.
Conga Composer 1.1
Published by AppExtremes
Conga Composer 7.2
Published by AppExtremes
Conga Quick Merge 1.6
Published by AppExtremes
Conga Template Manager 1.2
Published by Conga Merge Template Repository
Drip Campaign Module 0.2
Published by (unknown), but indications are that One/NW or Groundwire was involved
Dupecatcher 1.90
Published by Symphonic Source
EasyDescribe 1.91
Published by Etherios
EasyPage 1.24
Published by Etherios
Field Trip 1.2.1
Published by Quandor
Free Mass TEO Ownership Transfer 1.4
Published by Sales4s.net
Grant Management 1.0
Published by Idealist Consulting
GridBuddy Free 3.25
Published by AppBuddy
Groundwire Base Template
Group of packages from former publisher Groundwire (no longer in business).
Mass Delete 0.3
Package with unknown publisher
Milestones PM+ 1.0
Published by Passage Technology
One/NW Activism/Leadership 8.0
Published by One/NW
Security Health Check 2.24
Published by SFDC
SendIT Campaign Monitoring for Salesforce 2.85
Published by Beaufort 12 Ltd
Salesforce for Google AdWords 166.1
Published by SFGA Build
Salesforce 1 and Chatter Apps 1.6
Published by Salesforce.com
Salesforce Connected Apps 1.5
Published by Salesforce.com
Salesforce.com CRM Dashboards 1.0
Published by Salesforce.com
Smartsheet Project Management 1.2
Published by Smartsheet.com
SoapBox Donations for Salesforce 1.0
Published by PICNet
SoapBox Engage QuickStart for Salesforce 1.4
Published by PICNet
SoapBox QuickStart for Salesforce 1.5
Published by PICNet
SoapBox QuickStart for Salesforce 1.5
Published by PICNet
User Adoption Dashboard 1.0
Published by Arrowpointe Corp. (AppExchange Org).
Visual Workflow Sample Pack 2.1
Published by Flowlabs.
Wealth Analytics NP for Salesforce 1.4
Published by WealthEngine.